Blue Bengal

Blue Bengals

2G3A7585The Blue Bengal

A beautiful Blue Bengal is created as a result of a recessive dilute gene that must be carried by both parents in order for a Blue Bengal kitten to be born.  When two Blue Bengals “get together”, this mating will produce a litter of all blue kittens.

Whilst currently not recognised for championship status in most international registries, several Australian Cat Councils are now recognising the Blue Bengal and our Louis achieved Champion status at his very first show.  Things are moving forward however and there are many breeders in the UK, Europe and the U.S who are currently showing and receiving recogniton at “new trait” status. It is hoped that by continued showing, the Blue will progress to acceptance at Championship Status within prestigious groups such as TICA (The International Cat Association Inc).


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Catwalk’s Blue Program

Having fallen in love with the beautiful Blue Bengal, our program commenced with the arrival of our foundation stud ArtAttack Louis Vuittom (Blue Spotted/Rosetted) and the equally stunning Silvertrace Chanel (Blue/Silver Marble). This magnificent pair, with their impressive pedigrees have not disappointed and Catwalk can boast producing some of the very highest quality Blue Bengals as well as the even rarer Blue/Silver Bengals. Our fabulous imported stud Zallycatz Zeus (Imp Canada) also carries the dilute gene for producing this gorgeous colour as does his son Catwalk Apollo, thereby ensuring that we will continue to lead the way in Australian Blue Bengal programs.